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Welcome to the new Odor Medic website.  After 21 years of helping people in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area with their odor problems and 17+ years of selling our products worldwide on the Internet we have a new, up to date technically advanced website that makes it easier for you to get to know us and to purchase our product.  Odor Medicine O.F. (Organic Formula) Concentrate  has proven to be exponentially more effective than any enzyme product for permanently eliminating the most common odor problem……cat urine.  O.F. is effective on all other urine problems such as dog, human, ferret, etc. etc.  O.F. will destroy any odor caused by organic contaminants such as sewer/septic, dead animals/rodents, spoiled food, vomit, diapers, any feces, mold, sweat…..the list is endless.  We also stress that the process is just as important as the product, especially when treating any urine problem in carpet and we consult with our customers at no additional charge to help ensure that your odor problem is resolved for the least amount of time and money.  Odor Medic is a small, family owned business that puts customer satisfaction as our first priority and when you call us, an odor elimination expert will answer the phone, or call you back the same day.

We have another product that we sold on the original Odor Medic website that addresses other odors such as smoke, nicotine, curry, chemicals, gasoline, insecticides, fuel oil, etc.  We can still provide that product, just give us a call to discuss your problem..  Our plan is to create another new website dedicated to our other product Odor Medicine SFF (Smoke and Food Formula) Concentrate.

Thank you for considering Odor Medic and do not hesitate to call us or use this blog to ask us virtually any odor question.