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Odor Problems





Cat or Dog Urine on Hardwood, Concrete, Linoleum or Tile:  (Remember….cats always urinate around the perimeter of a room and dogs go anywhere)  This is generally a much easier problem to solve.  Spray the mixture on the surface making sure to apply enough so it runs into any cracks.  If treating hardwood, linoleum, or tile, after about 20 minutes, soak or mop up the excess.  Repeat if necessary in any spots that still smell. We have had one or two cases where the floor was so heavily contaminated that some of the floor had to be removed to treat the structure underneath.   If treating concrete, just spray a heavy coat on, let it dry COMPLETELY and treat again if any odor remains.  Concrete is very porous so it may take a couple of treatments.  If there are vestiges of odor left after two treatments it is O.K. to paint the area with an oil-based paint like Kilz or Bin that is designed to seal in stains or odors.  However, DO NOT paint over untreated urine as you will only seal in the source and prevent any treatment from being effective.  In summary, if there is an ounce of dog or cat urine and you get an ounce of the mixture in direct contact with it….the odor will be eliminated forever.  The trick is to get enough of the mixture into the right places.