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Odor Problems





Use your nose or a black light to locate the affected areas.  If you can take the covers off the cushions, do it and wash them with a cup of the CONCENTRATE added to a small or medium load.  If the stuffing is heavily soaked, it may be better to replace the stuffing, if possible.  If you can’t remove the covers, just saturate the area with the mixture.  Work it into the stuffing and let it soak for about 20 minutes.  Then, if possible, extract as much as you can with a Shop-vac.  Let it dry for about 2 days and then evaluate the results.  If you still have odor repeat this process and you may try injecting the O.F. into the stuffing with a turkey baster needle that you can purchase at a grocery store.  Think about where the urine would run and try to get the mixture to the same areas.  You should turn the piece over and check the underside.  This may involve removing the thin, usually black cloth that is generally stapled to the bottom.  Treat any suspect areas.  You can use a small pump up garden sprayer or just a spray bottle to treat furniture.  We have never had any problems with the mixture staining furniture, carpet, or anything we have used it on.  However, we can’t promise that it may not happen.  If it does darken a piece of your furniture, one remedy may be to just spray the whole piece so it all looks the same.