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Odor Problems





Odor Medicine O.F. will eliminate the odor left by dead animals and the most common problem is dead mice inside your walls, which is one of the worst odors you can imagine, can last for months, and is one of the most difficult to eliminate, but we know how to do it!!!. Our experience is that they are always at the bottom of the wall and the first challenge is finding exactly where they are. Our process is to sniff around the baseboard until the odor is at its strongest. Then remove the baseboard and drill a few small holes in the wall lower than the top of the baseboard so it won’t show when you replace the baseboard. Drill it at the midpoint between the two studs where you think the mice are. Then put your nose down and check the holes.  When you are in the right place you will know it INSTANTLY! The next step is to cut out the bottom of the wall board, once again keeping the cut below the top of the baseboard. You may want to wear a mask to help mediate the odor, because now you have to dig out the remains….Aarrrggggh!!! I use a screwdriver like tool that has a hook on the end of it and a small scraper.
Once all the remains are removed flood the area with a strong solution of Odor Medicine O.F. Flood it and wait until it soaks in and keep flooding it until it doesn’t soak in. Then take a few paper towels, roll them up, and soak them with the O.F. solution and insert them into the space so they completely cover the contaminated area.. When the paper towels are dry check the odor. What we are eliminating is the odor from body fluids that have soaked into the footer that the studs rest on. It is sometimes necessary to keep soaking the area for up to a week to eliminate the odor. Once you think the odor is gone, or there is just a vestige of odor remaining, get a spray can of oil-based Kilz and apply a couple of coats to the area, then nail the baseboard back on and your dead mouse problem should be just a bad memory.