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If you’re a pet owner, you know that dealing with pet odors is part of the package. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with unpleasant smells. With the right pet odor elimination products, you can keep your home smelling fresh and clean. At Odor Medic, we offer a range of treatment processes, based on our 20+ years of experience, designed to tackle even the toughest pet odors no matter where they occur, in carpet, hardwood, concrete, dirt, even on your bed or upholstered furniture. It is important to understand that the process is just as important as the product..

The Power of Odor Medicine O.F. Concentrate

Our Odor Medicine O.F. (Organic Formula) Concentrate is an industrial strength organic compound that you dilute with water for maximum effectiveness and value. It uses advanced chemistry to break down cat and dog urine at the molecular level, ensuring it can never stink again.

This product is also effective for a broad spectrum of other odors such as mold and mildew, dead animals, rotten food, diapers, sweaty shoes, and clothes and it is safe to use around humans, plants, and animals.

The Importance of the Treatment Process

At Odor Medic, we believe that the treatment process is just as important as the product. We email detailed step-by-step instructions to ensure you can’t ever lose them, and we provide free consultation if requested to help ensure success.

Odor Medicine O.F. is based on a proprietary Essential Oil Formula that is exponentially better than any enzyme product. It is VERY CONCENTRATED and economical to use.

Why Choose Odor Medic?

With over 20 years of experience, we are a professional odor elimination service company that has been providing on-site commercial and residential services. We use these products and processes every day to fix problems like yours in homes, businesses, vehicles and outdoors on any surface.


Pet odors don’t have to take over your home. With the right product and processes, you can effectively eliminate these odors and keep your home smelling fresh and clean. At Odor Medic, we’re committed to helping you achieve this with a proven product, effective processes, and free personal consulting. Remember, your 100% satisfaction is our highest priority. We guarantee permanent odor elimination or your money back!