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Permanent Odor Elimination: Our Experience Means Your Success

Founded in 2000, Odor Medic, LLC. is a commercial and residential services company specializing in the permanent elimination of the most offensive odors. We are family owned, located in Minneapolis and offer cost-effective solutions that save private and professional property owners significant time and cost from expensive odor-related renovations such as replacing carpet, upholstery or paint.

As a service company with extensive experience in settings such as private residences, commercial properties and vehicles. We encounter the most difficult odors to eliminate on a daily basis (e.g. dog urine, cat urine, cigarette smoke and smoke from spices like curry).

When you choose Odor Medic, we provide a comprehensive odor removal solution with support long after the sale. Together with our Odor Medicine products, we will provide you with in-depth instructions and personal consultation to ensure complete elimination at the lowest possible cost.

Our advice is FREE! Don’t hesitate to call us at +1 612-270-2953 to discuss your specific problem, or by email at [email protected]

Chemical NameCAS NumberFunction
IPA67-63-0Solvent / Preservative
Glycosperse (t-maz)Surfactant
Orange Terpenes (d-Limonene)138-86-3Fragrance Ingredient
Coumarin91-64-5Fragrance Ingredient
Qugenol97-53-0Fragrance Ingredient
Citral5392-40-5Fragrance Ingredient
Hydroxycitronellal107-75-5Fragrance Ingredient
Isoeugenol97-54-1Fragrance Ingredient
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