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Eliminate Mildew Odor Permanently – Guaranteed

The Problem: Mildew Odor

Your house smells like mildew, but you can’t see any obvious mold. If you don’t have severe mold problems inside the walls, then the mildew odor can be fixed by applying a light application of Odor Medicine O.F. to walls, ceilings, furniture and anything else you suspect is contributing to the odor.

The Solution: Odor Medicine O.F. Concentrate is Guaranteed to Permanently Eliminate Mildew Odor

If you do spot some light mildew clean off as much as possible being very careful to not inhale any of the contamination and always wear protective clothing to prevent skin contact. You can clean with something as common as bleach to kill the mold spores. Then treat the surfaces with Odor Medicine O.F. by spraying it on with a fine mist from a pump sprayer. If you have access to a ULV Fogger, try it first as it will allow you to cover a much larger area in a shorter time.

We don’t cover up odors, we permanently eliminate them.

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