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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Removing Cat or Dog Urine Odor From Concrete

In this article we will cover two common mistakes to avoid when getting rid of cat or dog pee smell from concrete. These mistakes can make eliminating the odor much more difficult, and in some cases unfixable.

Painting Over a Concrete Floor Contaminated with Cat Urine

When the contamination is in concrete flooring, a common mistake is trying to seal
in the odor by painting over it. This is a critical mistake to avoid because the gaseous odor molecules will work their way through the paint—leaving a situation that’s untreatable because the paint acts as a barrier and effectively seals out the larger molecules of the treatment solution. Plus, due to low surface tension, the urine will seep into places that you can’t paint such as in between the baseboard and wall.

Once a surface has been painted, the only alternatives are to keep applying coat after coat of paint, or removing the paint so that the contaminated floor can be treated.

Laying Down New Wood Flooring Over Surfaces Contaminated with Pet Pee

A much worse scenario occurs when a new wood floor is put down over a contaminated floor that has been painted over and is seemingly odor free. In this scenario, the only course of action to remove the pet urine smell is to pull up the floor, grind off the paint, treat the floor with a proven odor elimination solution such as Odor Medicine O.F. and then reinstall the floor.

At Odor Medic we stress that the application process is just as important as the product. Our successful formula for treating the most difficult odors combines our proven products and processes with free personal consulting and custom treatment plans.

We guarantee permanent odor elimination or your money back!

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