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Why Enzyme-based Odor Removers Don’t Work on Cat Urine Odor

In this post we’ll cover the most common, offensive, and difficult odor to eliminate… cat urine odor. Removing cat urine odor makes up about 50 percent of our business due to the offensiveness and permeability of the odor. Part of the reason for this is that the urine itself has a very low surface tension. So, when the problem is in carpet, the urine immediately penetrates into the carpet backing and seeps behind the baseboard. If your cat has gone in the same spot repeatedly, as they’re prone to do, the urine will soak through the carpet pad, into the sub-floor and will actually run under the wall.

This is why you can clean the surface of carpet until you go blind without accomplishing anything except for wasting your money, time and ultimately wind up making the problem worse.

A little over 16 years ago, my wife’s cats (when they’re bad…they’re her’s!) peed on the carpet in my Man Cave and no one could fix it. So I decided to do some research and wound up testing nearly a dozen different products. What I discovered over a three-month testing period really opened my eyes to why some products work and others don’t. There are basically two classes of odor elimination products readily available to the public: the “New Generation” organic compounds that work, and “Stone Age” products that don’t. The primary ingredients of the new-generation products are essential oils, whereas the Stone Age products are enzyme based.

Theoretically, odor-eating enzyme products should work, but the fact is they’re very inconsistent and unreliable. Enzyme products contain enzymes and live bacteria. The enzymes in these products are proteins that act as “catalysts” speeding up the process of breaking down the urine components so the live bacteria can do the work. Each new bottle that leaves the factory contains millions of live bacteria capable of consuming the odor causing bacteria from organic materials such as cat urine, dog urine or even human urine, but they have some real-world problems. For instance:

  • The bacteria start to die off as soon as they’re bottled reducing potency
  • Bacteria are fragile and die when exposed to abnormal temperatures
  • The bacteria can be used up attacking dried soap residue in your carpet and they may not work if your pet has been on a special diet, has been ill, etc. etc…..producing urine that the bacteria aren’t effective on.

The end result of pouring unreliable, and possibly dead bacteria on the cat urine stain is washing the urine deeper into porous surfaces and spreading it over a larger area. Plus, it re-hydrates the dried urine, which will make the smell worse.

Our new-generation Odor Medicine products contain essential oils derived from exotic plants and work on entirely different complex scientific principles than the enzyme products. The natural ingredients bond with odor molecules and break them down at the molecular level—permanently destroying the ability to generate odor in as little as 24 hours. Not only are these new-generation compounds more effective, but they’re also more reliable due to their tolerance to temperatures and ability to work where other chemicals, soaps AND enzyme products had already been applied.

Another benefit, our Odor Medicine products are absolutely safe to use around humans, pets and plants. They are non-toxic, non-staining, biodegradable and have a neutral pH. For added value, they’re highly concentrated and very economical to use when mixed with water, just one quart of concentrate turns into multiple gallons.

In over 16 years of fixing odor problems as a commercial services company, we have not found anything better. We’ve done the research for you and only offer proven products along with our proprietary processes and personalized service.

We guarantee permanent odor elimination or your money back!

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