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Why Your Car or Dog is Peeing in Your Humble Abode

As I have stated before, fixing pet odor problems is not rocket science, BUT if you do the wrong things, or even the right things in the wrong order you can create a problem that is exponentially more difficult and VERY expensive to fix. If you are aware of what causes pets to begin soiling your house you can be on the lookout for problems and catch them early, or you can take steps to prevent them from starting.

If your cat or dog has peed on your carpet, hardwood floor, furniture, etc. the first thing you need to do is ensure that your pet is healthy. Cats in particular are prone to bladder infections that can cause them to begin urinating outside of their box. If the cat is healthy and peeing in your house, then something has probably changed that has upset your cat. Even the birth of a baby or new furniture can cause them to start misbehaving. A very common cause is bringing a new animal into the house. This can cause them to mark their territory in an attempt to keep the new animal out of what they consider their exclusive turf.

If a cat is peeing on your laundry or on your bed, it is trying to tell you that you have done something to seriously upset it. I have reached the conclusion that cats are very possessive, much more than dogs who generally could be described as “happy go lucky” in comparison. Cats seem to have a highly developed sense of what I can only describe accurately with one word…..jealously!!! If you have a jealous cat, you have a problem on your hands.

Another cause of indiscriminate urinating can be the style or condition of their box. If you allow the box to get too soiled the cat will stop using it. Make sure you clean their box daily, and if you do this and the problem continues then you could experiment with different types of litter and/or a different size box or even a box with a cover on it.

Finally, as your cat gets older these problems will start to occur. Both of our cats began having problems between 15 and 16 years. If no specific health problem can be diagnosed, then old age is about to take your beloved pet. The only word of advice I can give at that point is to try your best to not let your pet suffer. That is a mistake I think we made with one of our cats….it is very hard to put them down….but we feel that based on what we learned from that first experience we were able to minimize any suffering our second cat experienced. Listen to your Vet….they have the experience necessary to do the right thing for your pet.

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