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Eliminate Dog Urine Odor Permanently – Guaranteed

The Problem: Removing Dog Urine Odor

Whether sick or puppy potty training, getting rid of dog urine odor can be a difficult problem to fix. Dogs will urinate randomly all over a room so it’s very important to find ALL of the spots. Any dog over five pounds will urinate enough to penetrate through the carpet, into the padding and often the sub-floor, so it is critical to remove as much of the urine from these surfaces as possible.

(In our instruction booklet we provide detailed instructions on how to remove the urine from these surfaces.)

The Solution: Odor Medicine OF Concentrate is Guaranteed to Permanently Eliminate Dog Urine Odor

Odor Medicine O.F. permanently eliminates dog urine odor in carpet, wood, concrete and furniture surfaces because it has the same viscosity as the urine enabling it to penetrate deep and break down the molecular structure of the urine. The key to success is to get enough of the solution in direct contact with the odor source by using the treatment process that we’ve specifically designed to eliminate dog urine odor problems.

Let us prove it to you! Save your carpet, rugs and furniture at a fraction of the cost to replace them or your money back!

We don’t cover up odors, we permanently eliminate them.

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