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Odor Problems





Odor Problems

Odors Permanently Destroyed by Odor Medicine

Odor Medicine products are sold in powerful concentrate form for maximum effectiveness and value. We include scalable mixing instructions to accommodate differences in severity and are available for consultation to ensure permanent odor elimination.

Odor Medicine O.F. (Organic Formula) is:

Fast-acting and Easy to Use. O.F. is easy to use—simply measure, mix with water and apply! Most odors are permanently eliminated in a few hours!

Safe and Enzyme-free. O.F. is non-toxic and safe to use. The principal ingredients are naturally occurring essential oils that destroy odors at the molecular level.

Remember, that the process is just as important as the product and our processes have been perfected over 20+ years of providing on-site commercial and residential odor elimination services. We offer free personal consulting to ensure that your problem is resolved.

Let us prove it to you! Save your carpet, rugs, and furniture at a fraction of the cost to replace them or your money back!

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