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Eliminate Pet Waste Odor Permanently – Guaranteed

The Problem: Removing Pet Waste Odors

We have run into many problems caused by cat and dog waste both inside and outside.

The Solution: Odor Medicine OF Concentrate is Guaranteed to Eliminate Odors from Pet Waste

The key to permanently eliminating these odors is to find the source, clean up as much as possible and then treat the area with Odor Medicine O.F. The process for doing this is described in detail in the OF instruction booklet. If the source is outside, Odor Medicine OF is the perfect solution because it doesn’t harm vegetation and is safe to use around animals and humans.

Remember, that the process is just as important as the product and our processes have been perfected over a decade of providing on-site commercial and residential odor elimination services. We offer free personal consulting to ensure that your problem is resolved.

We don’t cover up odors, we permanently eliminate them.

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