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The Problem: Mold Odor

Your house smells moldy, or you just opened up your cabin after a long winter and it smells bad! Or, your basement flooded and you need to treat the floor to get rid of the mold odor. Even a normal basement in the middle of a hot summer can develop mold from the high humidity and lack of air movement.

The Solution: Odor Medicine O.F. Concentrate is Guaranteed to Permanently Eliminate Mold Odor

We recommend a three-step process. First, clean off as much of the mold as possible being very careful to not inhale any of the contamination, and always wear protective clothing to prevent skin contact. You can clean with something as common as bleach to kill the mold spores. Second, treat the surfaces with an Odor Medicine O.F. solution by spraying it on with a pump-up sprayer. Third, when the mold odor has been eliminated, take steps to eliminate the wet or humid conditions that promote mold growth.

One of our first recommendations for our customers when we treat their basements is to get a good quality dehumidifier running in the basement as soon as possible.

Remember, that the process is just as important as the product and our processes have been perfected over a decade of providing on-site commercial and residential odor elimination services. We offer free personal consulting to ensure that your problem is resolved.

We don’t cover up odors, we permanently eliminate them.

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