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Odor Elimination is not Rocket Science, But Do NOT Make These Mistakes

Want to save yourself a LOT of MONEY!? Here is a list of things NOT TO DO when eliminating some of the most common cat urine, dog urine and cigarette smoke odor problems. We talk to people every day who have made their home or vehicle odor problem exponentially worse by making one of these mistakes.

  1. Don’t sand the floor before treating. Sanding causes the cracks between the boards to be filled with sawdust, which prevents our chemical from contacting the cat or dog urine that has run between the cracks. Treat first and then sand if desired.
  2. Don’t use enzyme-based products. The more of these that you pour on your carpet, the deeper you wash cat or dog urine into the pad and sub-floor.
  3. Don’t live with pet urine odor because it isn’t good for your health!
  4. Don’t paint concrete or any sub-floor in an effort to seal in cat or dog urine odor. We consider painting with an oil-based sealer like Kilz to just be cheap insurance against any vestiges of pet urine odor that might be noticeable on a hot, humid day.
  5. Don’t pay a carpet cleaner to get rid of pet urine odor as it’s a total waste of money. Pet urine has a low surface tension and penetrates into the backing of the carpet and, if the problem is with cat urine, some spots may have a tremendous amount of urine that penetrates deeply into the sub-floor because cats tend to pee in the same places repeatedly.
  6. We guarantee permanent odor elimination or your money back!

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